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Rose Gold – The Newest Bathroom Must Have Colour?

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For many years, the trend for using metallic in the world of interior design has been on the increase, and it appears safe to say that it will continue to for quite a while yet. As people move away from the more traditional, safe, plain white bathroom and turn their hearts towards having something more luxurious that incorporates more colours and exciting accessories, gold in its many tones has been a very popular colour choice. This is particularly true for accessories – golds add an extra hint of luxury to a room. Rose gold is no exception to this, and the good news for bathroom designers everywhere is that Rose gold, together with brass and copper look set to make a dramatic comeback this year.

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Creating a Sanctuary with Bespoke Bathroom Design

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You should never underestimate the time you spend in your bathroom. Bathrooms are essential to our daily routine, and indeed our relaxation time. In today’s society, the need to wind down with a long soak after a long stressful day is of a high priority to many, so it comes as no surprise that creating your own sanctuary between those four walls is imperative to ensure you can truly relax in your own bathroom paradise.

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1950’s Glamour in the Bathroom

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Bring 1950’s Glamour to the Bathroom with Bespoke Bathroom Furniture

If you’re a big fan of old Hollywood films, why not look to incorporate them into your home to create a glamorous yet practical 1950s inspired bathroom? With the right planning, you could look forward to an elegant bathroom, that would be a pleasure to prepare to go out and pamper yourself in. Here are our top tips for creating old-school glamour in your bathroom, no matter what the size or shape.

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