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The natural trend – How to bring nature into your bathroom design

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The natural trend is inspired by the beauty of nature and an increasing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly products. The natural world is the ultimate colour palette and go to place for tactile textures. Take your inspiration from nature and create your own indoor oasis for your bathroom design in London with these great tips.

Materials direct from nature

Wooden furniture and stone tiles are a match made in heaven and a key example of this trend, as seen in some of the smartest bathrooms in London. As long as stone tiles are properly sealed and flooring is made to be slip resistant they can add character and soften the sleek lines of contemporary units. Pebble floors are fun and are reminiscent of the seaside. Baths and basins can also be carved out of stone for an eye-catching centrepiece but make sure your floor can take the weight, stone is heavy! Good stone alternatives include porcelain and ceramic, which are more cost effective.


Wood is warming in colour and texture and so wood panelling can keep bathrooms in London warmer in winter. Wooden floors are also an option but again, need treating properly due to the high moisture content of the air. Laminate with a wood grain finish can be a good alternative. For those seeking an eco-friendly wood, choose FSC-certified products or consider bamboo, which is a key look at the moment. Mirrors framed with wood can bring together other wooden features and add another lovely hint of nature. Other natural materials that are great for bathroom flooring are cork and jute. Cork is enjoying a revival and is naturally eco-friendly and jute is a natural plant fibre that is hardwearing and offers an interesting texture to your finish.


Wall colours inspired by nature tend to be neutral. Soft greens, buttery yellows and clay tones all make for a calming environment. Unbleached linens blend better than bright whites.


Lighting considerations


As much natural lighting as possible brings the natural theme together so when you’re planning bathroom design in London, keep in mind that skylights are ideal for this purpose. Plants in your bathroom add a splash of colour and even help to clean the air, but make sure you look for plants that will appreciate the moist environment.


Materials such as stone, wood, marble, linen and cotton offer soothing colours and textures, and recycled materials such as recycled glass, paper or concrete can add extra interest. Specialist bathroom design in London specialists can source a range of accessories to make sure your bathroom is beautiful, glamorous and green.

How to find bathroom shops in London that are right for your style

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When it comes to designing your bathroom, it invariably comes down to personal choice. Whilst there are certain practicalities and functions that are fundamental to any bathroom, there is so much scope with modern bathrooms these days it can be difficult to find the right bathroom shops in London or anywhere else in the UK to match your style and taste.

But our helpful hints on how to find bathroom shops in London that suit your style and budget will help you to seek out the best bathroom shops in London that are right for you.

A Typical London BathroomKeep it Local

Of course, we all see numerous adverts on the TV for large bathroom shops in London and national home stores, offering a wide choice of ranges and prices. However, sometimes they can lack choice or personality, with off-the shelf designs. A great way to find bathroom shops in London that suit your style and your needs, is to look locally. Smaller, independent bathroom shops in London are likely to give you a far more personal service and have the time and inclination to create a completely bespoke bathroom to match your style.

Ask for recommendations

If you’re looking for bathroom shops in London, always ask family and friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but also it will give you peace of mind that the bathroom shops in London you’re considering are reputable, knowledgeable and reliable.

Don’t be led by price

Naturally you will want to stick to your budget as closely as possible, but when it comes to a big payout like your bathroom, don’t let price cloud your judgement. There’s a lot to be said for paying a little bit more for quality, than just opting for the cheapest quote. Numerous bathroom shops in London will be offering cut-down prices and various discounts, but make sure you get a good long term deal and purchase a bathroom that will last the duration.

At Broadway Bathrooms, we offer a vast array of bespoke bathroom designs that are sure to suit your style. Visit our showroom and ask us questions to make sure you get a bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

What’s hot for bathroom showrooms in London?

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We’re well into 2016 and it seems now is the perfect time to think about restyling your bathroom. If you’re looking for design inspiration or something a little different to give your bathroom a brand new look, then why not read on to find out the latest trends hitting bathroom showrooms in London.


It just seems we still can’t get enough of Scandinavian style in our homes, and right now it’s still very popular for bathroom showrooms in London. Combining clean cut lines, sleek surfaces and natural wood, you’ll get a functional, stylish and minimalistic look for your bathroom that will stay in fashion for years.

Doubling Up

If you’re looking for perfect symmetry and practical design, then make the most of mirrored styles in your bathrooms. From twin sinks and “his and her” towel rails through to matching twin mirrors, you can find plenty of inspiration in bathroom showrooms in London on how to incorporate mirrored style into your bathroom.

Marvellous Marble

Luxury bathrooms are very fashionable at the moment, creating opulent boutique-style bathroom designs that will make you feel like you’re bathing in a hotel every day. Teaming stunning marble with vintage style bathrooms suites and finishing touches will give you a timeless look that you’ll never get tired of.

Get Glossy

If you like the idea of a sleek and shiny bathroom then check out the latest glossy tiles that are very en voguefor bathroom showrooms in London. Whilst they look incredibly stylish and chic, they also have plenty of practical benefits as they’re easy to maintain. And by choosing larger tiles with fewervisible lines you can create a clean, fresh and minimal style.


Last year saw the rising popularity of brassware in bathrooms to add more texture, warmth and personality to a functional room. Thankfully this gorgeous style is set to continue with a wide selection of brassware using brushed nickel, copper, bronze and rose gold.

Creative Colouring

While grey has been the colour of choice for luxury bathrooms in London over the past year or so, there seems to be a shift in the creative use of colouring and textures. More and more bathroom showrooms in London are showing off coloured ceramics, such as basins and accessories. This funky new trend can give an unusual focal point in bathrooms and add a splash of colour too.

To find the perfect bathroom style to suit you, why not visit the Broadway Bathrooms showroom in London for plenty of design ideas that will blow you away.

How to fit new tech in old bathrooms in London

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Bathrooms have come a long way over the past few decades, with people now paying just as much attention to the interior design of their bathroom as they would a new kitchen. This has meant a surge in the use of new technology in old bathrooms in London, and nationwide – from water saving cisterns, to soft close toilet seats and bathroom televisions and sound systems.

However, to many this influx of innovative technology may seem limited to new and contemporary style bathrooms that marry perfectly with the latest inventions. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you prefer a more traditional style bathroom that works perfectly in your period property, or just suits your personal taste, don’t despair, you can still incorporate plenty of the latest gizmos and technologies and still keep your old bathroom style.

Bathroom Tech

Little Luxuries

Modern bathroom designs are all geared around adding little luxuries to make old bathrooms in London feel like new, regardless of their design style. Just adding a heated towel rail or a heated mirror above the sink can give you a touch of class and luxury without having to compromise on the look and feel of your old bathroom.

Underfloor Heating

If you’re looking to bring technology to the forefront for old bathrooms in London, why not look to give your feet a treat with some underfloor heating. It’s a great way to incorporate modern technology and give your bathroom floor warmth, whatever style of bathroom you have. Used correctly, underfloor heating can be a cost effective way to heat the whole room and you can have warm tiles underfoot whatever the weather.

Personalised Showers

Another great way to introduce state of the art technology into your old bathroom is with a concealed thermostatic shower valves. These are concealed in the shower plumbing, allowing you to personalise the temperature of your shower, so there’s no fiddling with the faucet to get it to the perfect temperature.

High Tech Entertainment

Just because old bathrooms in London may feature traditional designs and layouts it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have some mod-cons too. Finding the right blend of old and new, with waterproof TVs, built in shower-radios and IPod docks means you can have entertainment when you’re in the tub relaxing or getting ready for the day ahead.

When it comes to bringing new tech to old bathrooms in London, the possibilities are endless, you just need to make sure that there is a good balance between the two. At Broadway Bathrooms, we can help transform old bathrooms in London to high tech havens, without compromising on your original style.

Bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames that won’t fall out of favour

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Fashions come and go at the blink of an eye and interior design trends are no different. While it may be easily and quick enough to change the wallpaper or colour scheme in another room of the house; changing up a bathroom which is no longer thought of as fashionable takes much more time and money. When it comes to bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames, just like all over the UK, keeping it classic is a much better idea than opting to go for a bold fashion trend that is not likely to last.

Keeping it simple

Classic designs are always in style and so they are a much better option than following the latest trend for neon colours and garish accessories. The simpler your bathroom design, then the more it will stand the test of time. You can always add accessories and dress your bathroom to give it accents of different designs as the mood takes you, which will be much easier and cheaper to replace when trends change than having to renovate your entire bathroom suite.

There are several designs for bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames that will always look good. For example, many people choose a nautical theme for their bathroom which, if done right, always looks good as it is a classic and popular choice for bathrooms. Other popular designs which seem to stand the test of time include natural themes, with plenty of natural light and soft lines, and old Hollywood glamour trends, which is always in style thanks to its luxurious and opulent feel.

One of the most popular styles of bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames is a classic white and black older style of bathrooms. Victorian claw foot baths and iron case radiators are standout pieces which really give any bathroom a sense of style. Again, accessories can be used to dress the bathroom and add touches of colour but the underlying style will always be there.

Going modern

Modern bathrooms themselves often carry their own sense of style with innovative products and sleek, smooth lines. At Broadway Bathrooms, we have a range of styles to suit bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames which will never fall out of favour. Basing your bathroom design on classic designs and dressing them up how you like will ensure that your bathroom is always bang on trend; no matter what crazy fashion those in the interior design world comes up with next!

From Bespoke Bathroom Furniture to new towels -Getting Your Bathroom Guest Ready

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Receiving company is wonderful, but when having guests in your home it can require a little extra work to make sure the house is presentation ready, especially in the bathroom. Preparing your bathroom is important, as it leaves a large impression with visitors, so discussed below are some helpful tips, from bespoke bathroom furniture to cleaning assistance to ready your bathroom for the impending arrival of guests.

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