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Creating a bathroom that will grow with your family can be something of a challenge. Whilst you might be inclined to use child friendly fittings, your babies won’t always be little and as they grow up you don’t really want to be left with a bathroom that is full of fixtures that are no longer quite as practical as they once were.

Think adjustable

For a short while, standard vanity units will be too high for the average toddler, but children grow, so instead of opting for lower units look for a stool that really fits into the style of your bathroom. An adjustable stool that will grow with your child is the perfect solution to a temporary problem. If you have a larger bathroom with plenty of space then you can make this a real design feature, if not then consider a folding stool that can be stored away when not in use.

Adjustable shower heads are not just for children, they are also something worth considering if you and your other half are very different heights as well. A handheld shower head can be a life saver if you have a toddler who believes that water is evil. There is no reason to compromise on the design of your shower head when picking an adjustable one, there are some really great ones available on the market.

Non-slip rug

Little children never stop moving and tiled bathroom floors can be a real safety hazard. Using a non-slip rug or large bathmat in the bathroom means that you can still have that beautiful tiled floor but with less risk of accidents occurring.


Standard sized toilets are not great when it comes to toilet training children, but to be honest this really takes us so little time in the life of your bathroom that anything, but standard size really is a waste of money. You can use a stool to make the toilet more child friendly.

Storage space

When your children are younger you will probably want to consider dedicating a corner of your bathroom to storage for all those bath toys they will undoubtedly have. Think about how this space might be used as they grow up and the bath toys disappear. Storage space is always useful, especially as your children become teenagers and want to store all manner of lotions and creams in the bathroom.

Considering the future as well as the now when designing your bathroom almost guarantees you’ll be happy with it for longer.