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From Bespoke Bathroom Furniture to new towels -Getting Your Bathroom Guest Ready

By September 21, 2015Uncategorized

Receiving company is wonderful, but when having guests in your home it can require a little extra work to make sure the house is presentation ready, especially in the bathroom. Preparing your bathroom is important, as it leaves a large impression with visitors, so discussed below are some helpful tips, from bespoke bathroom furniture to cleaning assistance to ready your bathroom for the impending arrival of guests.

1. Declutter

The first step to preparing the bathroom for guests is to declutter. Rid yourself of any unnecessary items that are clogging up the countertops and cupboards, as it is much easier to clean if there is less stuff in your way. It is important to have items that are used daily easily accessible, such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes and items of that nature, but everything else can be stored away to make the space look neater and more organised. Consider investing in bespoke bathroom furniture to house all your bathroom paraphernalia, and you’ll have something stylish yet functional for storage.

2. A Thorough Clean

Of course it’s all very well buying bespoke bathroom furniture to put all your stuff in, but once the area has been de-cluttered you’ll need to get to the task of cleaning it. Be sure to give the bathroom a complete and thorough clean, including the toilet, sink, vanity, shower and tub areas as well as the bespoke bathroom furniture and floor. A sparkling clean bathroom will always leave a good impression and you may wish to even go over some fine details such as whitening the tile grout and cleaning all of the fixtures to leave the chrome shining.

3. Make it Fresh and Inviting

Make your bathroom seem like a fresh and inviting space so your guests will be comfortable. Be sure to pay attention to the little details, such as making sure their is clean and fresh towels available, and adding a nice scent by including a scented candle, air freshening system or wax burner of some sort. If you’ve chosen bespoke bathroom furniture that acts as a house for important bathroom items, make sure anything your guest may need is readily available and easy to locate, such as extra toilet paper and hand soap so they will not have to ask you for anything.

4. Provide Extra Toiletries

Offer your guests all the comforts of home by providing extra toiletries and hygiene products that may be needed during their stay. Place a basket of soaps, toothpaste, extra shampoo and other like items in easy view for guests to see so they have everything they need, and don’t have to ask you for any of it.

5. Don’t Take the Job On Alone

Such heavy cleaning can be a large job for anyone so don’t be afraid to ask for help from the other residents of the home. Splitting up the work can make the job much more manageable, and children are an excellent source of assistance.

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