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Gleam and gloss – hot bathroom designs that shine

Shiny chic bathrooms in London are a hot trend for 2017, and there are loads of great products out there to make your bathroom sleek, smooth and ultra-modern. Working with specialist bathroom designers in London, you can create a bespoke gleaming and glamorous space to enjoy.

How do I get that trend?

Mirrored and coloured glass is a key feature of the glossiest bathrooms in London as they enhance the light. Reflective wall panels are becoming increasingly popular as they negate the need for grout but large wall tiles also work well. More surface and less grout gives an unbroken shiny effect. There are a myriad of beautiful tile designs in sparkling, glossy finishes so you are sure to find one that works for your room. Iridescent finishes are particularly good at reflecting the light.


There is some fabulous handle free, high gloss fitted furniture available that enhances your clean, sleek look. For an ultra-modern take on the style, choose furniture which sits off the floor. This glossy look works particularly well in small bathrooms and off the floor furniture can also work to give you more usable floor area if space is limited.


Light and colour

Good lighting is key to making your bathroom design in London gleam. The aim is to find lighting which provides a light and airy space in the daytime and a relaxing tranquil vibe in the evening when you want to unwind. Chandelier lighting can be used to good effect to add an extra touch of glamour.


If you feel you need to warm up your shiny cool colours, how about a feature wall or using another hot trend and opting for some metallics? A hint of copper, bronze or rose gold can add a warm glow. Matte or satin finishes are gentler. A feature bath with a metallic exterior is a trend we are beginning see more of in bathrooms in London.


Although gloss tiles are usually seen on walls rather than floors, glossy floor tiles are available with an anti-slip coating which makes them very usable. A patterned tile can help to add some interest to your smooth finish. Polished concrete, stone or marble are other good options, as is a porcelain alternative.


If this is a trend that you like the look of for your bathroom, there are some beautiful products out there at the moment to enable you to create the slick and glossy bathroom of your dreams.