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How to Create a Bathroom Design That Works for Both Adults and Kids

Sharing a bathroom with your children can be challenging. Whilst you may want a relaxing, luxurious space in which to unwind, it is important to bear in mind the need to make your bathroom a practical space that works for your children as well.

With some careful consideration to the design of your bathroom it is entirely possible to create a space where both adults and kids can co-exist harmoniously.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme that you chose for your bathroom is really important and will set the tone for the whole room. You want it to be calming and tranquil, but you also want it to be a little bit fun for your kids. Chose a neutral palette for your tiles and any paint work. This will create a bathroom that you can really relax in. It also gives you a great base to work with when it comes to adding those all-important fun touches for your children. Accessories, towels and even some art work are the perfect way to add splashes of colour to your neutral bathroom making it work well for your children as well. These are of course items that can easily be replaced as your family grows up.

Modern design

A modern suite works really well in a bathroom that will be used by both children and adults. Clean lines and minimal fuss are not only very practical, but it can also be very restful. On a purely practical note they are also easier to clean. This is an important consideration for any bathroom where children are likely to splash and make a mess.

If you are fortunate enough to have a larger bathroom then consider having a separate bath and shower installed.  A walk-in shower space can offer the perfect space that is ideal for use by the adults whilst the children will prefer to use the bath. Separating both will create two very different spaces within the same room.


Not only does underfloor heating create an environment that is more inviting, thanks to its more even distribution of heat, it also makes your family bathroom that little bit safer – it can be all too easy for children to burn themselves against a hot radiator. This is one design feature that works really well in a shared bathroom.

With a little forward planning, you can design a bathroom that will work for both adult and children to enjoy.