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Even the small changes to your home can brighten up a tired space, and your bathroom is the first place to start.  Using on-trend ideas, your bathroom can become an environment that is a pleasure to spend time in. A Japanese inspired theme in your bathroom will bring beauty and tranquillity into your home, and revitalise the smallest room in the house!

In the West, people tend to spend a small amount of the time in the bathroom, but in Japanese culture, a bathroom is seen a space for relaxation and revitalisation as much as it is for hygiene purposes. You can bring the same idea into your bathroom by using a few inspired pieces.

Turning to the East

When creating a tranquil Japanese inspired bathroom a good starting point is a small soaking tub. The purpose of a soaking tub is to relax and unwind, helping you wash away the stresses of modern life and focus your energy into a positive and balanced state. Use scented oils or bath salts to heighten your bathing experience further. Soaking tubs can be a real asset to the minimalist style of a Japanese bathroom, and will enhance the look of even the smallest of bathrooms.

Keeping Pristine

In Japanese culture, hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance, and the addition of a bidet into the bathroom takes this to a higher level. In Japanese cities, property is small and every bit of space has to be utilised. Usually, the toilet and bidet are kept away from the soaking area, so you could create a partition using a Japanese themed curtain or painted screen.

A Japanese-style bathroom can incorporate many features into the décor that will give a sense of calm and Zen. Using natural wood for counter surfaces and storage will enhance the ambience, and give the bathroom a beautiful, organic feel. Go even further with a Japanese nature theme by using waterfall taps, marble basins and natural stone tiles on the walls and floor.


Once your Japanese-style bathroom is created, you can complete it with some delicate final touches. How about spiral bamboo shoots in glass jars or miniature bonsai trees? Maybe bring in a natural wooden bathmat, or perhaps a Zen-inspired sandbox? There are hundreds of ways you can turn your worn-out bathroom into a calming, peaceful, Japanese inspired environment that the whole family will want to use.