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5 things you should never forget when planning a bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom brings with it a multitude of decisions and choices to be made. From the overall feel you’re trying to create, to the practical details that will bring your renovation project to reality it can feel overwhelming. However, there are 5 crucial things you should never forget when planning a bathroom renovation. Remember these and everything else will follow.

Renovate with a purpose

What’s your reason to renovate? Whether it’s to update a tired, outdated bathroom, if the bathroom no longer meets your family’s needs, or you need more (or less) space, or to create a room with ‘wow’ factor, take care to define exactly why you are planning your bathroom renovation, and keep this at the forefront of your mind throughout.


Be realistic about your budget

The sky is literally the limit as far as kitting out a new bathroom is concerned, so be ruthless. Once you have pinpointed the purpose of renovating, work out what you can afford and stick to it. As a rule of thumb, it’s worth including a contingency of between 15-20% on top of what you think it will cost you, just in case.


Lighting matters

A good lighting scheme will be crucial to the overall success of your bathroom. Great bathroom lighting design will allow you to see yourself properly when necessary, yet have the option for more subtle lighting to create the atmosphere for relaxation.


Air quality

You may think renovating your bathroom is all about the fixtures and fittings, but if your bathroom isn’t properly vented, you might as well go back to the drawing board. Including a really good fan to extract moisture from the bathroom to the outside will pay dividends for years to come, and if you can combine this with a window that works, all the better



Always keep the dimensions of your room in mind. This will help configure your fittings, and to choose them wisely so that they are in proportion with the room and ensure that you don’t waste any space. It will also help when thinking of colours and accessories such as blinds, shower screens and the like.


Keep these 5 points in mind when planning your renovation, and at every step along the way and you should achieve the perfect bathroom for you.

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