Rose Gold – The Newest Bathroom Must Have Colour?

By February 19, 2017Bathroom Design Putney For many years, the trend for using metallic in the world of interior design has been on the increase, and it appears safe to say that it will continue to for quite a while yet. As people move away from the more traditional, safe, plain white bathroom and turn their hearts towards having something more luxurious that incorporates more colours and exciting accessories, gold in its many tones has been a very popular colour choice. This is particularly true for accessories – golds add an extra hint of luxury to a room. Rose gold is no exception to this, and the good news for bathroom designers everywhere is that Rose gold, together with brass and copper look set to make a dramatic comeback this year.

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What is Rose Gold?

follow link Referred to as rose gold because of its gentle pinkish hue, as a metal rose gold is produced by adding copper to yellow gold to produce the pink colour that is becoming increasingly popular. As a colour, it is not a new shade, Russians began mixing yellow gold and copper together over two centuries ago; in fact, at the time, it was referred to as Russian gold, and only became known as rose gold much later. Less brash than yellow gold it lends a certain feminine touch to a room, subtle whilst still retaining that luxurious touch that people want.  

Rose Gold in your Bathroom

Freelancer wiki pl With the predicted bathroom trends for freestanding baths, sculptured sanitary ware and above all a return to the more luxurious bathroom you will want to spend time relaxing in, rose gold is the absolute finishing touch to any on trend bathroom design. You can add the perfect touches of rose gold to your bathroom with carefully chosen mirror frames, towel rails or of course elegant taps. If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, why not look at floor standing taps to add the ultimate spa like luxury touch to your bathroom. Rose gold works very well in a bathroom that features elegant whites and shades of grey in the colour scheme.

go to site If you want to add rose gold to your current bathroom to give it a makeover then look out for accessories that could add the finishing touch like soap dispensers, or a simple planter with a small leafy fern in it. Remember though, when trying to achieve the right look, often less can be more, so don’t add too much rose gold to your bathroom or it could look a little overdone.

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