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Waterfall Showers – Should You Have One in Your Bathroom?

Luxurious walk in showers with waterfall showerheads and rainfall showers are what most homeowners strive for. Obviously, waterfall showers look the business, especially if you have room to install a walk in shower area. Gone are the days of small shower cubicles; modern showers are no longer a necessity but a luxury that some people prefer to soaking in the tub. But what exactly are the differences between a waterfall shower and a regular shower? Is it worth the investment? And should you have one?

Types of Waterfall Showerheads

With the ability to select what kind of shower you want to have each day, waterfall shower technology is far outweighing regular showers and even the Jacuzzi bath. You can now have your own luxury spa experience within your own home.


Waterfall shower heads tend to be at least 8 inches in width or diameter, so that they give even coverage all over your body. Rather than a normal shower spraying a concentrated amount of water to specific parts of your body, you actually feel as though you’re standing underneath a waterfall.

Before you go ahead and purchase your waterfall showerhead, you should ensure that your shower space allows enough room, especially if you’re considering placing a waterfall shower over a bath.


Some showerheads can be fitted easily to ceilings. However if you have to install your waterfall shower using extra materials, always make certain that these materials plus the shower head will still allow for enough standing space vertically so you can comfortably wash underneath.

Water Pressure

A waterfall, also known as a rain shower, could be misconstrued as a gentle, light misty rain and you may be unsure whether to purchase a rain shower for fear that it may not perform well enough because it lacks water pressure. However, waterfall technology means that a lot of models come with the ability to adjust pressure, so you can decide on a gentle, therapeutic shower, or a powerful wake up call!


Price tends to be the main reason why people debate over a waterfall shower, as they are more expensive then an ordinary showerhead. The reason for this lies in the technology a waterfall shower requires, making it a luxury piece that you may not see as a necessity, until you try it!

Waterfall showers are not just a statement piece that looks great in a bathroom, but they also provide massage and relaxation. If you suffer from an illness that would benefit from hydrotherapy, but you can’t afford your own spa pool, having a waterfall shower with the added benefit of side sprays and a separate handheld shower could be your answer.

Taking all this into account, a waterfall shower may be a fairly expensive addition to your bathroom, but for a luxury shower experience, many people feel they can’t be beaten.

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