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September 2015

From Bespoke Bathroom Furniture to new towels -Getting Your Bathroom Guest Ready

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Receiving company is wonderful, but when having guests in your home it can require a little extra work to make sure the house is presentation ready, especially in the bathroom. Preparing your bathroom is important, as it leaves a large impression with visitors, so discussed below are some helpful tips, from bespoke bathroom furniture to cleaning assistance to ready your bathroom for the impending arrival of guests.

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Planning a Bathroom

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5 things you should never forget when planning a bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom brings with it a multitude of decisions and choices to be made. From the overall feel you’re trying to create, to the practical details that will bring your renovation project to reality it can feel overwhelming. However, there are 5 crucial things you should never forget when planning a bathroom renovation. Remember these and everything else will follow.

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