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January 2016

Bathrooms in Richmond for Larger Families

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Whether your bathroom is large or small, it takes careful planning to accommodate the needs of a large family. Bathrooms in Richmond are no different in the organisational genius that is required to cater for all family members. When planning your bathroom design sketch out your ideas first. Don’t be afraid to re-jig your main fittings to make the best use of the available floor space, it’s great to talk to professional bathroom installers to find out how they think you could make more of the space you have.

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Bathroom Design in London for Busy Professionals

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Life in today’s fast paced environment seems like a non-stop whirl of activity whether in the workplace or at home. The design and configuration of a home has to reflect and work well for everyone and especially so for busy professionals.

In most homes the bathroom is one of the most hardworking rooms, second only to the kitchen, so bathroom design in London has to take into account the busy lives and needs of the people who use it.

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How to combine tile designs for a luxury bathroom

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Tile design is important in a bathroom. It is the wall, floor and ceiling covering that can instantly transform the room from ‘OK’ to ‘WOW!’

However, for some people, choosing patterned or coloured tiles for their bathroom can seem daunting. As a result, many bathrooms in Wandsworth although beautiful and appealing, end up swathed in neutral coloured tiles.If you have had enough of playing it safe, Broadway Bathrooms can set about incorporating tiles to create an extraordinary, luxury bathroom that will truly make a statement.

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Small bathroom? What are your best design options?

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Not all properties are blessed with a bathroom the size of lounge. In fact, in many older properties, the bathroom is in fact, the smallest room in the house. When you have a busy family home and a small bathroom, it can be a recipe for disaster. In some cases, extending it can be an option but when this not the case, how can you design the space so that it gives you everything that you need… and more?

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Choosing New Tiles for your Bathroom

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The bathroom can be one of the busiest rooms in the house. With everyone wanting to use it at the same time, it can soon begin to look worn and jaded with constant use, but there are many ways of updating the look of your bathroom with one key aspect that finishes off the look, and that is the use of tiles. Tiles are not only ceramic barriers that form an extra layer of waterproofing against water and steam that accumulates in a bathroom, they are hygienic too, as they are easy and quick to clean.

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