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April 2016

How to Choose Which Bathroom Shops in London to Visit

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There is no doubt that the bathroom is a very important room in your home. It is used by every person in the family and by many of your guests too. When looking to update or completely renovate your bathroom it is important that you look around to find the best components and designers which will result in the bathroom of your dreams. Doing your research and visiting a few different bathroom shops in London will help you to guarantee you are getting the best service and will end up with the best results.

Shopping around

It is important to go out and visit bathroom shops in London before settling on your final choice. You may have a good idea of exactly what you want but looking around can help you to see options you may not have even considered beforehand. It also gives you a chance to view the work of the designers in the shops you visit. This will give you a good standard to set when it comes to the work of the designers you eventually choose. You should not just settle for the first shop you enter as you will have no basis of which to judge whether their work is the best available or not.

Do your research

Before you venture out onto the streets of London in search of the best bathroom shops in London, you should do a little research first. Ask friends and family for recommendations of work they have been happy with and go online to see what is available. Many shops have their own websites which will often include customer reviews. You can also find independent websites which will include frank and honest reviews of bathroom shops in London, some of which the shop themselves may not like to have published on their websites.

You may also find online pictures and examples of work carried out by the designers at the bathroom shop and this will help you to find a designer which suits your taste and style. The websites of bathroom shops will also feature many more products than you will find in the shop as obviously, shops only have so much floor space to work with. For example, our Broadway Bathrooms website features a wealth of brochures from the brands we use in our bathroom designs but there is no way we could feature examples of them all in our bathroom shop in London.

So ask around and spend a little time online to find the best bathroom shops in London to visit. Take a good look around them and speak to the designers before making your final choice of which one to use. Be well informed to increase the likelihood of ending up with a bathroom you love.



Safety Innovations That Bathroom Designers in London Love

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If you or a relative has any kind of mobility issues, then you know how important it is to have a safe bathroom which can be used easily so as not to cause injury or discomfort. There are a wealth of safety products now in the market which can be installed in your bathroom to make life easier for those with mobility problems and quality bathroom designers in London can integrate them into your bathroom design to give you a bathroom which is not only safe but looks fantastic too.

Specialised bathroom designs

People who struggle with mobility problems often struggle to do simple things which we take for granted. That is why bathroom designers in London often turn to safety innovations to help make the bathroom a much more comfortable place to be. Special designs such as higher toilets and wash basins can be incorporated into your bathroom to make bending down less of an issue. Walk in baths may also be used in the design of a bathroom to make bathing safer for those who struggle to stand or lift their legs to climb into a bath. Bathroom designers in London who wish to create a bathroom that is safe also favour large open shower.

Smaller adjustments can be made by bathroom designers in London in order to make a bathroom safe. For example, grab rails can be installed next to the toilet, sink and bath to be used to help stand safely. The flooring tiles selected can also help to make a bathroom safer as certain tiles can become slightly slippery when wet if you are unstable on your feet. Wooden grates can be used in showers to combat slippery surfaces and reduce the risk of a fall.

Making the bathroom safe for all

It is not just those with mobility problems who may need a bathroom design to think about safety. Families with small children also will want to consider the safety of the bathroom. Children can often slip on tiles or in the bath and this will need to be combatted which non-slip surfaces and aids. You may also want to consider child-safe locks on bathroom cabinets to ensure that curious toddlers do not get their hands on dangerous cleaning supplies or other bathroom products. You may even want to consider child-safe locks on the toilet seat itself in case your child is prone to investigating the magic bowl of water.

The dedicated and experienced bathroom designers at Broadway Bathrooms can help you design a stunning bathroom which cleverly incorporates any safety features you wish to include in your own bathroom. Our tailored design will not only look fantastic but also have a focus on your individual safety needs.



How to Keep Your Bathroom Tiles in London Looking Fantastic

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Choosing the right bathroom tiles can really make or break the overall look of your bathroom. It isn’t the easiest task but once you have found the perfect tiles you want to ensure that they will look amazing for the entire life of your bathroom. Finding good bathroom designers in London can be a great aid in helping to find bathroom tiles in London that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the right tiles in the first place

Your bathroom is the one room in the house used the most and by everyone in your home. Therefore, when you choose your bathroom tiles; how they look should not be your only consideration. You need to choose tiles which will stand up to plenty of use. Floor tiles will be walked over a lot and they need to both hold up to the pressure and not crack and also not stain easily and be very easy to clean. Tiles which have grooves or indents may trap dirt and become dull looking very quickly. The tiles you choose for the walls of your bathroom also need to be easy to clean and resistant to staining. You also need to choose a wall tile which won’t fade or become sun damaged if you have a window in your bathroom.

Keeping your tiles in top knick

In order for bathroom tiles in London bathrooms to remain looking their best, they will need a little maintenance. Keep your tiles spotless with regular cleaning, remembering to clean grouting too to prevent it looking dull and dirty. Wiping away marks and dirt regularly will prevent it embedding itself in the pores of the tiles which will be much harder to remove. A weekly light clean and a deeper clean once a month should help you keep your tiles looking the same as the day you bought them.

Find an expert

You can do your research into the best type of tiles to suit your bathroom before you make your final decision, but they best way to determine if you are choosing the right tiles for your home is to speak to a bathroom designer in London. At Broadway Bathrooms, our expert team of bathroom designers will take into consideration your individual bathroom and who will be using it to be able to advise you on which tiles will keep their fantastic finish in your own bathroom.