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May 2016

Bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames that won’t fall out of favour

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Fashions come and go at the blink of an eye and interior design trends are no different. While it may be easily and quick enough to change the wallpaper or colour scheme in another room of the house; changing up a bathroom which is no longer thought of as fashionable takes much more time and money. When it comes to bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames, just like all over the UK, keeping it classic is a much better idea than opting to go for a bold fashion trend that is not likely to last.

Keeping it simple

Classic designs are always in style and so they are a much better option than following the latest trend for neon colours and garish accessories. The simpler your bathroom design, then the more it will stand the test of time. You can always add accessories and dress your bathroom to give it accents of different designs as the mood takes you, which will be much easier and cheaper to replace when trends change than having to renovate your entire bathroom suite.

There are several designs for bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames that will always look good. For example, many people choose a nautical theme for their bathroom which, if done right, always looks good as it is a classic and popular choice for bathrooms. Other popular designs which seem to stand the test of time include natural themes, with plenty of natural light and soft lines, and old Hollywood glamour trends, which is always in style thanks to its luxurious and opulent feel.

One of the most popular styles of bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames is a classic white and black older style of bathrooms. Victorian claw foot baths and iron case radiators are standout pieces which really give any bathroom a sense of style. Again, accessories can be used to dress the bathroom and add touches of colour but the underlying style will always be there.

Going modern

Modern bathrooms themselves often carry their own sense of style with innovative products and sleek, smooth lines. At Broadway Bathrooms, we have a range of styles to suit bathrooms in Kingston upon Thames which will never fall out of favour. Basing your bathroom design on classic designs and dressing them up how you like will ensure that your bathroom is always bang on trend; no matter what crazy fashion those in the interior design world comes up with next!