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July 2016

How to find bathroom shops in London that are right for your style

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When it comes to designing your bathroom, it invariably comes down to personal choice. Whilst there are certain practicalities and functions that are fundamental to any bathroom, there is so much scope with modern bathrooms these days it can be difficult to find the right bathroom shops in London or anywhere else in the UK to match your style and taste.

But our helpful hints on how to find bathroom shops in London that suit your style and budget will help you to seek out the best bathroom shops in London that are right for you.

A Typical London BathroomKeep it Local

Of course, we all see numerous adverts on the TV for large bathroom shops in London and national home stores, offering a wide choice of ranges and prices. However, sometimes they can lack choice or personality, with off-the shelf designs. A great way to find bathroom shops in London that suit your style and your needs, is to look locally. Smaller, independent bathroom shops in London are likely to give you a far more personal service and have the time and inclination to create a completely bespoke bathroom to match your style.

Ask for recommendations

If you’re looking for bathroom shops in London, always ask family and friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but also it will give you peace of mind that the bathroom shops in London you’re considering are reputable, knowledgeable and reliable.

Don’t be led by price

Naturally you will want to stick to your budget as closely as possible, but when it comes to a big payout like your bathroom, don’t let price cloud your judgement. There’s a lot to be said for paying a little bit more for quality, than just opting for the cheapest quote. Numerous bathroom shops in London will be offering cut-down prices and various discounts, but make sure you get a good long term deal and purchase a bathroom that will last the duration.

At Broadway Bathrooms, we offer a vast array of bespoke bathroom designs that are sure to suit your style. Visit our showroom and ask us questions to make sure you get a bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

How to approach bathroom renovation in London without going mad

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Kitchen and bathroom renovations in London are usually one of the biggest expenses when it comes to home improvements. These rooms play vital roles in modern homes, and modern bathroom renovations in London will not only add value to your life, but also to your property.

With this in mind, many people fall foul of getting carried away with their bathroom renovation in London; splashing out on the latest technology and most the most expensive bathroom suite, which you simply can’t live without.

However, this all comes at a price and there comes a time when you need to reign it in and get realistic. But this doesn’t mean you have to make too many compromises either. Taking a practical and logical approach to bathroom renovation in London will make sure you get a gorgeous bathroom that perfectly suits your needs at a price you can afford.

A Typical London BathroomMake a Budget

Before you go anywhere near committing to a bathroom renovation in London, you must set yourself a budget and stick to it. It’s not uncommon for people to go over budget with a bathroom renovation in London, so always allow a little extra that can swallow up any unforeseen expenses.  Without a strict budget, you could easily go mad on choosing your bathroom suite and accessories, not leaving you anywhere near enough to pay for your tiles and labour.

Choose quality over price

Following on from setting a budget, you also need to think of the bathroom as a finished article. If you want to get a high quality bathroom suite, make sure you have the budget to get high quality tiles, fixtures and fittings to match. It always pays to go for matching quality, even if it means paying a little more so your bathroom looks its best and will inevitably be more durable too.

Get practical

Walking around bathroom showrooms in London, you may see all kinds of inspirational designs and technologies that you fall in love with. But before you make any big decisions, it’s a good idea to weigh up what are essential purchases and what you could really live without. For example, you may love the idea of a wet-room with a walk-in shower, but with a young family, would a more traditional bathroom with a bath and shower bemore practical?

Listen to the experts

Seeking out a reputable bathroom company who aren’t all about making a quick sale, will ensure you get sound advice to find a bathroom that suits your lifestyle and tastes. Asking the experts advice and telling them exactly what you need, will mean you’ll have a beautiful bathroom you can afford.

For expert advice and stunning designs, visit Broadway Bathrooms showroom in London today.