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September 2016

Latest design inspirations for modern bathrooms in South London

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Bathrooms get more use than any other room in your home, which is why you need your bathroom to be as functional, and as easy to maintain as possible. With so many modern bathrooms in Putney and South London to choose from today, designing the perfect bathroom space can be not only an easy experience, but an enjoyable one as well.

Choosing the right modern bathroom design for your home primarily means being able to utilise your space in a way that is best able to maintain the clean and simplistic look that every bathroom should have.

Start with great fixtures

If it’s inspiration that you’re looking for, choosing the fixtures for your bathroom in South London is a great place to start, as they will be the foundation for your design. This often means gravitating toward fixtures that not only give a bold and futuristic look, but also have innovative functioning design features as well such as; waterfall and vessel faucets, or modern rain shower systems, which provide not only a sleek and stylish look, but also offer a splash of calming tranquillity to your bathroom’s space.

Luxury features

Today’s modern bathroom designs focus on more than just bold accents and modern fixtures, they also focus on creating a comfortable area to not only accommodate your daily hygiene routine, but allow you to have a warm and inviting area to relax and rejuvenate in as well. Adding special features like heated floors and spacious ensuite showers, will give your modern bathroom space a trendy and luxurious touch.

Simple and Spacious

Minimalist bathrooms have been a hot design choice for the past few years now, a design option that is showing little sign of going out of style anytime soon. This is due in part to the spacious, convenient, and fresh, feel that they are able to provide. Today’s latest bathroom designs are usually void of busy patterns and colour schemes, often focusing on whites, creams, or light grey bases that can be easily accented with a daring floor to ceiling mirror, boldly framed modern print, or a touch of calming greenery. Minimalist designs also tend to focus on keeping the area as spacious as possible by replacing large cabinets with floating or recessed shelving.

Whether you decide to choose a minimalist, modern contemporary, or feng shui design scheme for your bathroom, it’s important to never lose focus on making sure that the space is always as comfortable and functional as possible.

4 of the best new bathroom mod-cons

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Bathrooms today are just as much about functionality as they are style. Gone are the days where all you have in your bathroom is a toilet, basin, bath and/or shower. Modern bathrooms in South London and beyond are now full of luxury, quality and technology, making them more like spa-retreats than a bog standard bathroom.

With this in mind, we’ve got four of the best new mod-cons for bathrooms in Putney that will inspire you to bring your bathroom design very much into the 21st Century.

Tech2O Cyber Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror, whether it’s for shaving, doing your makeup or just gauging how good or bad you look in the morning, but the Tech2O Cyber Mirror takes bathroom mirrors to a whole new level. IP63 rated it’s perfectly safe for use in the bathroom and acts as a 32” mirror, HD TV and touchscreen Internet portal allowing you to see yourself, your Facebook account and your favourite TV programs in the comfort of your bathroom.

Kohler Numi Toilet

An essential element of the bathroom is inevitably the toilet, but the Kohler Numi Toilet allows you to relieve yourself in style and comfort. Equipped with auto open and shut seat mechanism, seat and feet warmers, along with ambient lighting in a choice of seven colours, a self-cleaning bidet and a built-in speaker system with docking station and Bluetooth connectivity; it really is the height of luxury for bathrooms in South London. .


If you’re on a bid to save money on your water bills or feel the need to be more environmentally conscious, then the Waterpebble is the perfect bathroom mod con. This clever device sits over the plughole in your shower, monitoring how much water you’re using. Using your first shower as a benchmark, with every shower after that it will then tell you when to finish showering, helping you to save water and money.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

If you like nothing more than a good old sing-along in the shower then you should definitely invest in a Moxie Showerhead. This high-tech wireless speaker showerhead uses Bluetooth to connect to your devices, so you can listen to your favourite tunes or radio show while getting ready in the morning. It is completely portable with a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Whatever new items you add into your bathroom design in South London, make sure they fit in with the design as a whole – taking a holistic approach to bathroom design with certainly pull the look of the room together better.