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October 2016

How technology is modernising bathrooms in Putney and South London

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Technology has become a necessity in our day-to-day lives and you’d be hard-pressed to find an activity we do that isn’t governed with some kind of tech. Today’s modern design trends are often integrated with new and innovative technology developments that are able to simplify the way that we live. This also reigns true with how today’s bathrooms are being designed. Below are just a few of the most popular tech based trends that are rapidly changing the way we design a stylish and functional bathroom space.

Cutting-Edge fixtures that save you money while protecting the environment

In today’s environmentally conscious world, basic taps and showerheads are proving to be an obsolete and impractical choice. Modern fixtures such as smart taps and shower heads are becoming more and more of a convenient and cost effective option, because they are able to better simplify how you control your water’s temperature, as well as offer various inventive spray options that are able to effectively conserve water. This will save you money while reducing your environmental footprint all at the same time.

Smart and Innovative features that create a modern at home spa

Today’s modern bathroom designs, whether in South London or the North West often try to create a functioning bathroom that can also double as an at home spa that will give you a relaxed and soothing space to melt the day’s stresses away in. Music is an essential element in creating the calm and tranquil atmosphere needed for the perfect modern at home spa.

Imagine slipping into a deep warm and luxurious bath that comes complete with a built in sound system that can play soft and soothing music from the walls of your tub. You can even kick the luxury up a notch by adding heated and even vibrating bathtub walls that will allow you to blissfully relax and unwind after even the most hectic of days. In most cases these innovative features come complete with a wall mounted control panel that allows you to adjust and customise your tech based features easily.

Flushing got you down?

If someone told you 20 years ago that there would be self flushing toilets that are capable of doing everything from managing water consumption to playing music, you would think they’d lost their mind. But in today’s technology based world, that doesn’t seem like a stretch at all. Yes, toilets with built in sound systems do in fact exist, and what’s more, they are growing in popularity. We sync our iPods and smartphones with everything else already, why not the toilet too.

Of course, not every new technology will suit your bathroom, but it’s worth keeping up on the latest tech trends for the bathroom – you never know what could be next.