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May 2017

The natural trend – How to bring nature into your bathroom design

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The natural trend is inspired by the beauty of nature and an increasing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly products. The natural world is the ultimate colour palette and go to place for tactile textures. Take your inspiration from nature and create your own indoor oasis for your bathroom design in London with these great tips.

Materials direct from nature

Wooden furniture and stone tiles are a match made in heaven and a key example of this trend, as seen in some of the smartest bathrooms in London. As long as stone tiles are properly sealed and flooring is made to be slip resistant they can add character and soften the sleek lines of contemporary units. Pebble floors are fun and are reminiscent of the seaside. Baths and basins can also be carved out of stone for an eye-catching centrepiece but make sure your floor can take the weight, stone is heavy! Good stone alternatives include porcelain and ceramic, which are more cost effective.


Wood is warming in colour and texture and so wood panelling can keep bathrooms in London warmer in winter. Wooden floors are also an option but again, need treating properly due to the high moisture content of the air. Laminate with a wood grain finish can be a good alternative. For those seeking an eco-friendly wood, choose FSC-certified products or consider bamboo, which is a key look at the moment. Mirrors framed with wood can bring together other wooden features and add another lovely hint of nature. Other natural materials that are great for bathroom flooring are cork and jute. Cork is enjoying a revival and is naturally eco-friendly and jute is a natural plant fibre that is hardwearing and offers an interesting texture to your finish.


Wall colours inspired by nature tend to be neutral. Soft greens, buttery yellows and clay tones all make for a calming environment. Unbleached linens blend better than bright whites.


Lighting considerations


As much natural lighting as possible brings the natural theme together so when you’re planning bathroom design in London, keep in mind that skylights are ideal for this purpose. Plants in your bathroom add a splash of colour and even help to clean the air, but make sure you look for plants that will appreciate the moist environment.


Materials such as stone, wood, marble, linen and cotton offer soothing colours and textures, and recycled materials such as recycled glass, paper or concrete can add extra interest. Specialist bathroom design in London specialists can source a range of accessories to make sure your bathroom is beautiful, glamorous and green.

Gleam and gloss – hot bathroom designs that shine

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Shiny chic bathrooms in London are a hot trend for 2017, and there are loads of great products out there to make your bathroom sleek, smooth and ultra-modern. Working with specialist bathroom designers in London, you can create a bespoke gleaming and glamorous space to enjoy.

How do I get that trend?

Mirrored and coloured glass is a key feature of the glossiest bathrooms in London as they enhance the light. Reflective wall panels are becoming increasingly popular as they negate the need for grout but large wall tiles also work well. More surface and less grout gives an unbroken shiny effect. There are a myriad of beautiful tile designs in sparkling, glossy finishes so you are sure to find one that works for your room. Iridescent finishes are particularly good at reflecting the light.


There is some fabulous handle free, high gloss fitted furniture available that enhances your clean, sleek look. For an ultra-modern take on the style, choose furniture which sits off the floor. This glossy look works particularly well in small bathrooms and off the floor furniture can also work to give you more usable floor area if space is limited.


Light and colour

Good lighting is key to making your bathroom design in London gleam. The aim is to find lighting which provides a light and airy space in the daytime and a relaxing tranquil vibe in the evening when you want to unwind. Chandelier lighting can be used to good effect to add an extra touch of glamour.


If you feel you need to warm up your shiny cool colours, how about a feature wall or using another hot trend and opting for some metallics? A hint of copper, bronze or rose gold can add a warm glow. Matte or satin finishes are gentler. A feature bath with a metallic exterior is a trend we are beginning see more of in bathrooms in London.


Although gloss tiles are usually seen on walls rather than floors, glossy floor tiles are available with an anti-slip coating which makes them very usable. A patterned tile can help to add some interest to your smooth finish. Polished concrete, stone or marble are other good options, as is a porcelain alternative.


If this is a trend that you like the look of for your bathroom, there are some beautiful products out there at the moment to enable you to create the slick and glossy bathroom of your dreams.

Bring hotel chic to your bathroom design

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Who doesn’t love an opulent and glamorous hotel bathroom in London with the associated luxuries? Filled with lovely extras and beautiful accessories and fittings, this is a style that is a treat to replicate at home.

Choosing your style

Hotel bathrooms look clean and inviting and are generally easy to maintain, which is a handy benefit for a home bathroom in London too. Large, modern hotels often choose a neutral or monochrome style to create a clean and minimalist look. Clever use of mirrors add to the ultra-modern feel.


Boutique hotels bathrooms often showcase bespoke, individual design, sometimes using splashes of rich colour to make a statement and offer a sumptuous feel. Exotic plants and floral wallpaper might be used for a feeling of grandeur. Specialist bathroom design in London can help emulate this style.


How about a bathroom that feels like a spa with huge shower heads and mosaic tiles? Light colours help make the space look clean and serene. Large sleek tiles add to a feeling of space and are easy to maintain.


For the ultimate in dramatic hotel chic how about something with real impact like a black, shiny bathroom with metallic accessories. Very on trend for 2017 and very glamorous.


Elegant extras

Statement baths can be a centrepiece in your hotel chic bathroom in London. Egg shaped, roll top and claw footed baths are particularly eye catching. Chunky basins with shiny faucets are very contemporary. Twin basins are a luxury often enjoyed exclusively in hotels but why not treat yourself at home too, no more fighting over space. Wall mounted televisions can add an element of luxury and pampering, maybe even a smart tech TV that doubles as a mirror!


Lighting is something that can really add atmosphere and make a room feel special. Lots of gentle lighting around the room can add a luxurious finish to your creation. Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself to lots of lovely, fluffy towels and some fancy hand wash and moisturiser to complete the experience.


In essence, there is much you can do to your home bathroom in London, whatever the shape or size, to make it a special space reminiscent of your favourite luxury trip. Whether you favour sleek black and white or bold and floral, make it place that you’re happy to relax in.

Bathroom trends – what’s hot in bath design

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There is a trend towards bathrooms becoming a space to spend time and unwind rather than just get clean. The bath tub is a focal point of bathroom design in London and across the UK so there’s no surprise that bath design has become a hot topic.

Bathing beautiful

There is no doubt that the key bathing trend for 2017 is the freestanding bath. Hot bathroom design in London trends don’t seem to have preference over vintage claw foot or modern styles but the message of this year is that a standalone is best. This type of bath works beautifully for the whole variety of on trend bathroom designs.


The heritage style is hot news this year and timeless elegance and vintage glamour is where it’s at. The roll top bath lends itself to this, along with some equally on trend brass fittings. If money is no object then original fully restored pieces can be sourced but it’s also possible to find a good salvage yard and bag yourself a bargain.


With the bath taking centre stage there’s no wonder that it is going to require its own set of stylish accessories.  How about a side table to rest your refreshments and reading material whilst you soak? And every stylish freestanding bath looks even better with floor standing taps, which can be found throughout stylish bathrooms in London.


2017 has seen a strong trend towards natural materials in bathrooms. Stone and wood play a big part alongside earthy tones and natural light. The bath is no exception. Baths carved from stone have become popular and serve as a gentle contrast to sleek modern units, as have tubs with wood panelling for a soft, warm look. For those looking for a natural theme, a statement wooden plinth for your bath may be preferable to the classic claw foot.


Bold and dramatic is also having a moment. With statement walls and rich colours seeing an increase in popularity, colourful baths are also becoming de rigeur. It’s possible to achieve a DIY version of this by sourcing a cast iron roll top bath and then sanding and priming the outside before adding the glamorous colour of your choice.


Finally, metallics can be found everywhere – in particular, warm hues of bronze and rose gold. A metallic bath outer is very chic with the right accompanying accessories. So, there you have it, choose the freestanding bath to suit your bathroom design in London and then fill with bubbles, lay back and enjoy.