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Renovating the bathroom can be a costly and disruptive job that some people put off having done. However there come a point where no matter how much repainting or rearranging you do it really is time to take the plunge and plan that new bathroom.

Here are just three signs that it might be time to renovate your bathroom.


If you have been living with a bathroom layout that just isn’t functional for your needs then you may simply have decided that enough is enough. Of course, there is no “right” bathroom layout but if your bathroom feels over cluttered and you simply don’t have the storage space you need then it is worth considering a renovation. This will give you the perfect opportunity to work with your chosen bathroom company and plan the perfect bathroom for your home.

Dated fixtures and fittings

Bathroom trends really do come and go, as can colour schemes, and what might have seemed a good idea once upon a time may now have well and truly gone out of fashion. This can leave you with a bathroom that is very dated. Likewise, if you have been living with the same bathroom for a long time it might be looking a little shabby around the edges. Fixtures can lose some of their shine over time and if you have been unfortunate enough to drop something on your tiled floor that stained or damaged it then it can really detract from the look of your bathroom. It can be hard to unwind in a bathroom that looks tired. You may even find yourself making a mental list of all the little things that need sorting every time you use it,

Adding luxury

When your family are young, functionality is the key thing that you require from your bathroom but as they grow up and the rubber ducks and bath toys vanish, never to be seen again, it is time to consider the functionality of your bathroom. This is the perfect time to consider renovating your bathroom and adding a real touch of luxury to your home.

With a few simple design features you can bring that spa feel into your bathroom, giving it a more grown up feeling and adding a real touch of luxury. From power showers to free standing baths, this is the perfect opportunity to update your bathroom. Is it time for you to consider a renovation?