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4 Reasons to Update Your Bathroom Suite

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to update their bathroom suite. Function, practicality, increasing family size, working from home, adding value or simply adding a more luxurious feel are all perfectly understandable depending on the individual needs and desires of the homeowner and/or their family.

Whether you are interested in updating your bathroom or simply considering design ideas to incorporate in your own home; the following are the four most common reasons to update your bathroom suite:

You are thinking of moving

Contemporary bathrooms (along with well-designed stylish kitchens) have always helped to sell a home. Updating your bathroom suite is a way to increase the value of your home and you should see this reflected in the selling price as well as your property standing out from the competition.

You are thinking of staying

Many homeowners put their homes on the market but then decide to stay after weighing up the pros and cons of moving. For example; the average cost of selling and buying a home can be around £3,500 and you may decide that it is worth updating your bathroom suite with this money instead. Not only will this add value to your home should you ever decide to move in the future, but it could mean that you gain extra space you need through the redesign and renovation of your existing bathroom.

Your family is increasing or growing

You may just have a shower and the addition of a little one or a growing family means that you may decide to update your bathroom suite and replace the shower with a bath tub or combine the two for instance.

It is a struggle to make your tired suite look clean

An older bathroom suite often begins to look tired and unclean no matter how much you scrub. Older coloured-suites (think avocado green) also look very old-fashioned and the dark colours in themselves can add to the overall impression of grubbiness. You can still have colour in the bathroom, with the introduction of a modern yellow tub for instance, that will give a pop of brightness. This will work by acting as a focal point as well as looking sparkly-clean and fresh. Along with new tiling and grouting, updating a bathroom suite is a surefire way of keeping cleaning at a minimum whilst gaining maximum results.

With more great bathroom suite designs coming onto the market all the time, whatever the reason you’re looking to upgrade, there is plenty of choice out there for you!