We specialise in all aspects of modern and luxury bathrooms. From the design and planning to our extensive range of products and finally installation. We are a fully comprehensive bathroom showroom open 6 days a week.

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Our expert planners with work closely with you to establish the best possible use of your bathroom space. We will come to you for a full assessment and consultation and full spec and measurements will be taken.


All of our bathroom design uses the very latest in modern bathroom styles and trends. We have an extensive list of suppliers for you to choose from and we will work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams.


Our skilled team of specialist bathroom installers and tradesmen will craft your beautiful bathroom from the highest quality materials using the very latest techniques. We have a 100% satisfaction rate.

It’s incredibly important to choose the right bathroom that will suit your home and needs, not just for now, but as your family grows and changes. If you’re in the process of deciding to renovate your bathroom, it can be a bit overwhelming with so much choice and balancing functional needs with style.

Making the right choice – professional bathroom designers in London

It could be you have a growing family and need to create a bigger more functional bathroom, or you own a period property and want to have a bathroom that is in keeping with original features. Whatever your requirements, it all comes down to personal taste and seeking the right advice.

If you’re in need of bathrooms in Putney or other areas of London too, then you should definitely get in touch with Broadway Bathrooms.  As top bathroom designers in London, they will take you through the whole process from measuring up, to having your complete bathroom installed.

Getting professional renovation advice to suit you

When it comes to making the right choices, you should really look at what you want from your bathroom, as you’ll make different decisions based on the purpose of the room. A small bathroom will require a different approach to the design to maximise the space without compromising on the function or luxury in the room. Using wall-hung basins or toilets, as well as clever wall units for storage can help a space look bigger.

Also, you should think to the future, if you’re planning on having a family or selling the property in a few years, you may want to think about how these will impact the bathroom. These are all things that Broadway Bathroom will cover with you as they will manage the project from start to finish

Their comprehensive service starts with an on-site consultation to get a full gauge of the requirements for your bathroom and discuss your options. After which, they will create a 3D virtual preview of your bathroom design, using the latest computer design software, so you can get a good grasp of how it will look before it’s installed, as well as play around with different styles and layouts to make sure you find the right bathroom for your home.

If you’d like help finding the right bathroom to suit your home, why not visit the website today. You can browse the wide range of products on offer and arrange an on-site consultation to discuss your needs face to face with the best professional bathroom designers in London.