We specialise in all aspects of modern and luxury bathrooms. From the design and planning to our extensive range of products and finally installation. We are a fully comprehensive bathroom showroom open 6 days a week.

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Our expert planners with work closely with you to establish the best possible use of your bathroom space. We will come to you for a full assessment and consultation and full spec and measurements will be taken.


All of our bathroom design uses the very latest in modern bathroom styles and trends. We have an extensive list of suppliers for you to choose from and we will work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams.


Our skilled team of specialist bathroom installers and tradesmen will craft your beautiful bathroom from the highest quality materials using the very latest techniques. We have a 100% satisfaction rate.

Everybody dreams of a beautiful, spa like bathroom to enjoy, with the nicest of fixtures, and quality workmanship to relax in. However, bathroom renovations are no simple task, so this is one room of the house where it is probably best to rely on the skills and services of a professional, such as those at Broadway Bathrooms, to help you achieve the quality and look you so desire. Broadway Bathrooms offers their clients fantastic resources for both design and rbathroom renovations London, making the job of selecting your new finishes, and the process of bathroom renovating much easier and less stressful than going it alone. Here’s how:


The Design


Using the services of Broadway Bathrooms in the design stage of your bathroom renovation helps to take a lot of the guesswork out of selecting what you want, and what will work in the space. Most people know what they like or want for the space, but without the help of a professional designer it may be difficult to achieve the desired results.

Broadway Bathrooms use innovative 3D software to plan and design exactly what your bathroom could look like, giving you the ability to see what different products and fixtures work best in the space, plan your design around your budget and be confident in your choices.


The Installation


Once it has been decided what exactly it is you want for the bathroom, the professionals at Broadway Bathrooms can then step in and handle the installation process for the new fixtures.

Homeowners should never attempt to do the work themselves, because there are many complicated aspects of bathroom renovation that can be quite disastrous if not done correctly; including plumbing, tilework and adequate water protection.

Broadway will ensure everything is installed correctly, and to satisfaction, giving the project a beautiful finished result that will be well functioning for years to come, whilst attempting to install these products on your own can result in damaging the products themselves, or the surrounding space.


It is so important to use the services of a professional when attempting a renovation of this size, as you want to protect our investment on every level, and be certain the final product will look great, function well, and the workmanship will be guaranteed by a reputable business should any incident or concern arise, maximising your return on any money spent. For bathroom renovation and bathroom design in Fulham and the surrounding areas, why not trust the skilled professionals at Broadway Bathrooms, who can help you realise your dream bathroom, without the hassle of DIY.