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Choosing New Tiles for your Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the busiest rooms in the house. With everyone wanting to use it at the same time, it can soon begin to look worn and jaded with constant use, but there are many ways of updating the look of your bathroom with one key aspect that finishes off the look, and that is the use of tiles. Tiles are not only ceramic barriers that form an extra layer of waterproofing against water and steam that accumulates in a bathroom, they are hygienic too, as they are easy and quick to clean.

A key factor that makes tiles in the bathroom so popular is the fact that they can be changed – instantly updating the overall look.

Broadway Bathrooms offers a fabulous tile installation service but choosing the right tiles can make or break the final look and appeal of this important room.


Ripping out your own bathroom and replacing it with a brand new bath, shower enclosure, dual flush loo and washbasin is needed from time to time. Replacing existing tiles is often needed to give the final look the final appeal that you want. Here at Broadway bathrooms we can update the look of your bathroom whilst we renovate for you by installing the tiles of your choice to give your bathroom a whole new look.


Although tiles are tough, they can suffer damage on some occasions. From dropping something of a floor tile to a wall tile cracking, when the tile is compromised it means that dampness can works its way behind the tile. This will loosen it, over time and this can also begin to creep throughout the tiles around it too. Instead of replacing a whole wall of tiles, and possibly other remedial actions too, why not contact Broadway Bathrooms, as we can work to replace or two tiles – with no one noticing they are not the originals!

A new lease of life

If you feel your bathroom needs a lift but don’t want or need to replace the bathroom fixtures and fittings, a coat of paint and new tiles can turn it once again, into the peaceful sanctuary that you want and need.

Broadway Bathrooms are the number one choice if you want to design your perfect bathroom from scratch or upgrade smaller sections of it. Does your bathroom need some updating? If so, why not contact one of our professional team to get a competitive quote for new or replacement bathroom tile installation.

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