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Chrome, Copper, Gold or Silver – What Look is Best for Your Bathroom?

Whether your bathroom is large or small, modern or more traditional, choosing the right fixtures to go with the rest overall design of your bathroom can be a little daunting. After all, you want to make sure that you choose something that really helps to pull the whole room together. With chrome, copper, gold and silver fixtures available it can be difficult to work out which one will work best. Each one of course has its own advantages and disadvantages and of course some will fit better with certain styles of bathroom than others.

Ultimately the fixtures that you do chose are most likely to be a reflection of your own taste and personality.


Like silver, chrome is very versatile and can work very well in a minimalistic bathroom. Chrome is cheaper than silver making it a much more affordable choice, but as it is more susceptible to water spots and fingerprints so needs to be cleaned more often if you want to keep that shiny appearance.


This is another colour that works really well with a more traditional style of bathroom. Copper is a rich opulent colour that can really add a wow factor to a bathroom.


Gold fixtures have seen a rise in popularity over the last couple of years; they can really add a rather romantic, vintage look to your bathroom and work very well with a more traditional style bathroom suite. The work really well with porcelain, paler colours of marble and simple but warm lighting. Gold has always been associated with luxury and can work very well in the bathroom.


Silver is an incredible elegant colour, giving a really clean look to your bathroom. Silver fixtures marry really well with clean elegant lines and woks particularly well with modern bathroom suites. It polishes up really well and can look great with all kinds of different lighting making it very versatile.

Mix it up

You might think that it goes against everything you have ever been told but using a mixture of metals together can really add a luxurious design touch to any bathroom. Gold and silver actually work really well together. Gold works really well with darker colours and silver will really pop when paired with paler shades It’s all about the balance so think carefully about the colours that you use them with and you’re sure to make a choice that looks great in your bathroom.