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Creating a Second Bathroom – What Should You Ask Your Bathroom Installer?

Adding a second bathroom is a great use of space and is more than likely going to add value to your home. But what should you consider before installing a second bathroom? Is it feasible? Here are some questions you need answering before ordering that new bathroom suite or consulting a bathroom specialist!

Facilities & Services

One good thing about creating a new bathroom in your home is that they tend to be smaller rooms and therefore you don’t need as much space. However, regardless of size, a bathroom does needs to be situated close to facilities like your homes main soil stack and existing services like your hot and cold water and your heating system.


You will also need to consider if the current plumbing and electrical system in your house is up to the job, as sometimes the whole house may need updating to allow for an extension of the system.



Bathrooms need good ventilation, especially if you’re installing a bath or shower. Placing your second bathroom on an external wall is the best idea, enabling you to have a window, or if not a skylight, so that you can give your bathroom a good airing.

Installing a fan system will also ensure that you don’t get a build up of moisture.



Just as important is access; this means easy access to your services so that you can maintain your bathroom for years to come. The last thing you need is to install a beautiful new bathroom, for something to go wrong and then you find yourself having to rip up those gorgeous new floor tiles – even more of problem if you have under floor heating to consider.



The orientation of your flooring and floor joists will also dictate whether you can install a bathroom or what kind of layout you could have. You should also consider they kind of flooring you have, concrete flooring can pose problems going forward.


Arrange a Site Visit

Get the professionals in to get a professional inspection – this should  give you an insight into how much the work would cost and how long it could take. Make sure you explain what you would like to achieve with your bathroom in terms of layout – a professional will be able to advise you on what you and can’t have done, but also maybe give you some alternative compromises and suggestions.


The good news is, once you’ve had your professional consultation and a site visit, you’ll know just what you have to work with to create your dream second bathroom!

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