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A free-standing bath is a thing of beauty. The right bath, in the right design and fitted to a high standard by a reputable bathroom company can transform a bathroom. A lovely bathroom will make you the envy of your neighbours and can add value to a property.

If you are planning to re-model your existing bathroom and have decided to go for a free-standing bath tub there are certainly some things you should know before you take the plunge. Some people imagine that the installation of a free-standing bath will be difficult but, as we said earlier, if you use the services of a good bathroom company, with experienced designers and fitters this should prove no problem at all.

Shape and Size

Your first consideration should be around the shape and size of your bathroom. The dimensions of bath tubs can vary depending on the style so check before you buy that your preferred choice of bath tub will actually fit into the space earmarked for it. Other decisions to make centre around the associated pipes and taps that go with a free-standing bath. For instance if you have floor-mounted taps then whether you have a timber floor or a concrete one will affect the installation of these. All these technical issues can easily be worked around and your bathroom designer or installation fitter can advise you on the best way to go for your particular situation.

How to decorate

Another thing to consider when you re-model your bathroom to accommodate a free-standing bath is that of the surrounding decor. If your walls are tiled then of course you will need to factor in extra tiles to go on the parts of the wall(s) that are normally hidden by an enclosed bath tub.

Legs or no legs

A free-standing bath must have enough space around it so that you can comfortably fit all your toiletries, towels and fripperies. Don’t worry if your bathroom is on the small side; you can choose a slipper bath style as these fit comfortably into small spaces. Free-standing baths are pretty easy to clean around too but if you don’t fancy reaching down to mop underneath the solution is to choose one without legs.

There are so many show-stopping designs for all shapes and sizes of bathrooms that the only problem you will really have is not ‘should I have one’ but ‘which one should I choose’.