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More and more people are turning their attention to the look and style of their bathroom. No longer just a functional room; consumers are realising that they can carry through elements of design that were traditionally seen in other parts of the home such as artwork and smart technology and incorporate them into what was traditionally viewed as the “smallest room in the house” to create a mixture of practicality and cutting-edge design.

If you are thinking about renovating, then the following on-trend ideas may help provide inspiration for how your own bathroom could look in 2019.

Exposed Plumbing

The Industrial look is an increasingly popular theme with exposed plumbing combined with white modern marble to make a stunning contrast.

Spa Inspired

Spa inspired bathrooms have taken a high-end turn, with bold black bathroom designs that give an opulent feel to every bathroom experience.

Vanity Windows

Vanity cabinets placed in front of a bathroom window are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it provide you with a view but excellent lighting to carry out your beauty routine!

Industrial Shower Screens

Black is the new white with statement shower screens becoming de rigueur. Black framed screens and/or a glass paneled effect are set to be a strong look in 2019.

Open Plan Design

No longer are people feeling they have to hide away in the bathroom when taking a bath, getting ready for work or preparing for a big night out, and open plan is becoming a popular feature of modern bathroom design. The use of steel or privacy glass as some kind of barrier or demarcation line is important for the truly private moments but taking a bath in a statement, room-centered bath and getting ready in the open air between the bathroom and bedroom for instance is a liberating and practical experience.

Super Modern Toilets

Think rimless toilets for increased efficiency and hygiene or even space-age Japanese smart toilets that have motion-sensor lids/flushes, hygienic sprays and self-cleaning features!

Statement Walls

Even a small bathroom can make a big statement with a wall featuring designer wallpaper, a piece of art or a large mirror for example.

Free standing Tub

The ultimate statement piece is still a free-standing bath, to create the ultimate visual focal piece to any modern bathroom in 2019.

With all these great ideas to go on, how will you renovate your bathroom this year?