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How long does it take to get a new bathroom installed?

Having taken the plunge to replace your bathroom you will have plenty of important decisions ahead of you. What sort of suite do you want? Shower cubicle or over the bath shower? What sort of tiling do you want and will it be for just the walls or do you want a tiled floor as well? And of course, what sort of look and colour scheme do you want to pull the whole look together. Once you have finally made all these decisions you are ready to have the bathroom of your dreams installed. The big question now is how long will it take until you can be relaxing in your new bathroom!

There are quite a few variables that will determine just how long it will take to have your new bathroom installed, all of which will be out of your hands. Picking the right team of bathroom fitters for the job will however make the installation as smooth a process as possible, with, hopefully the least amount of stress and disruption.

A good fitter

It is worth asking around for recommendations for a good fitter so you are confident they will do a good job of installing your new bathroom, however someone who comes highly recommended may be booked up for quite a while so you should be prepared to wait a little longer for good tradesmen.

The average bathroom

If you are just having a new suite put into your bathroom, with no new tiles and no alterations to the placement of the fittings then your bathroom installation, including removal of the old suite should only take a couple of days.

If you are having everything in your bathroom replaced, then you should expect it to take a lot longer. Taking out the old suite and tiles will take a while, and it is possible that removing the old tiles, especially in an older house may expose one or two unexpected issues underneath the surface that will need to be dealt with before the new bathroom can be installed. For a full bathroom installation, you should be prepared for the work to take up to two weeks, it is always better to overestimate on the time rather than underestimate.

Obviously if you have a very large bathroom, or if you are changing the layout of the bathroom, then it is more likely that your bathroom will be out of action for the full two weeks – so ask your bathroom specialists what they suggest you do as an alternative bathing area.

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