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There was a time when a bathroom was simply considered to be purely functional room. After all – we don’t need to go back that far to find bathrooms didn’t even exist! We have come a long way from outside toilets and a tin bath in front of the fire but it is only in the truly modern home that the technology we take for granted throughout the rest of the property is becoming just as important for the style savvy consumer in the bathroom.

Digital Showers

With the world becoming more and more digitally minded, we are beginning to see smart technology being incorporated into bathroom design. One of the main gadgets to be found on the market is digital showers. Not only do they look slick and modern but they are a far superior to a standard shower in that they offer much greater control over water temperature and flow. They even save your preferred settings so you have the perfect shower experience every time! And how about having your bath running as soon as you walk in through the door? With the rise of smart home systems such as Alexa; you can voice-activate a “SmarTap” to do exactly that!

Smartfloor heating

Another new tech feature available is smart Underfloor heating. Not only do you save space that is usually taken up with conventional radiators or towel rails, but it comes with self-learning technology that works out just how toasty you want your bathroom to feel and when!

Acoustics for the shower stars

If singing in the shower is your thing, then you will be delighted with the latest Bluetooth speaker shower heads which mean you can stream songs from your mobile or other device straight into the cubicle. Instead of water drowning out the music and literally putting a dampener on your enjoyment – your favourite tunes will literally become a part of your perfect shower experience!

Take it Oriental

Japanese style toilets are another new tech feature for the modern bathroom and these smart, electronic toilets not only look space age but are proving invaluable for consumers with mobility issues due to their motion sensor lids/flushes, hygienic sprays and self-cleaning features. They are costly but considered the ideal investment for many.

And another style of toilet becoming more popular is the rimless toilet – a hygienic WC where you don’t need to clean “under the rim” – no need to add Toilet Duck to your shopping list!

With all this tech on offer, turning your bathroom into tech heaven has never been easier – why not choose one of these great tech additions for your home and improve your bathroom experience?